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2021 National Calcium Carbonate Industry High-Value Development Exchange Conference

    On June 29, 2021, the "2021 National Calcium Carbonate Industry High-Value Development Exchange Conference" hosted by China Powder Network was grandly opened at Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, Chizhou, Anhui! This conference brought together domestic experts in the field of powder engineering, technical engineers of calcium carbonate enterprises, as well as researchers, technicians, and business representatives in related fields of the calcium carbonate upstream and downstream industrial chain. Hangzhou Yante Science And Technology Co.,Ltd. was also invited to participate in the exhibition.


    This conference forum takes "fine processing, high-value application" as the core theme, and through keynote speeches, booth displays and dinner exchanges, it is dedicated to the business leaders, management, R&D, technical personnel, and scientific research institutes of the calcium carbonate industry. School research groups and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain provide a platform for in-depth exchanges to promote cooperation in industry, academia, and research, and jointly promote industry development.

     The conference officially started at 9 o'clock in the morning, and the exhibition area was crowded with people. This time, Hangzhou Yante brought its hard-core products YT-CM3000 spectral spectrophotometer, YT-ACM automatic colorimeter, and XT-48BN whiteness tester to the conference. A comprehensive display of Yante's innovative products and solutions in papermaking inspection, packaging inspection, calcium carbonate inspection and other sectors.



    At the exhibition site, Yante exhibited products and solutions involving calcium carbonate powder, papermaking, packaging and other fields. Especially in the measurement of calcium carbonate and other powders, the exhibited products have a wide range of products and complete functions.



YT-CM3000 High Accurancy Color Analyzer(Spectrometer)


    YT-CM3000 Spectral Spectrophotometer is an instrument for measuring the whiteness, color and color difference of calcium carbonate. The spectral spectrophotometer adopts imported concave flat field grating, photoelectric display sensor, pulse xenon lamp and other components to ensure the basis of equipment accuracy. The circuit adopts the ARM+FPGA dual-core solution to ensure the calculation capability and the timing accuracy of sampling. The stepper motor is used to control the amount of ultraviolet radiation, which realizes the automatic and precise control of the radiation amount, abandons the manual pull plate structure, and realizes the one-key test of the fluorescence brightness. The instrument adopts complete PC-side software operation, and the storage space of test data is not limited; it is convenient to check and print historical measurement data, and the number of standard samples is not limited.


YT-ACM Automatic Colorimeter

    The YT-ACM automatic colorimeter is a new type of instrument developed by our company for the automatic one-key determination of all colors and whiteness in the industry. It is widely used in the measurement of calcium carbonate.



XT-48BN Brightness Meter


     XT-48BN Brightness Meteris a professional instrument for measuring calcium carbonate, table salt, industrial salt, starch, talcum powder and other powders. It is widely used in powder, salt, food, chemical, building materials, paper, printing and other industries and other production and commodity inspection departments that need to determine the whiteness of objects.


During the meeting

    In recent years, calcium carbonate enterprises have undergone environmental protection inspections, safety rectification, and epidemics, and have clearly recognized the severe situation in their development. Hangzhou Yante will continue to increase R&D investment in the powder measurement industry, without strengthening technology upgrades and product R&D upgrades, and comprehensively assisting calcium carbonate companies to break through the barriers.








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