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Company product training-Thickness Meter

    Every Monday, in order for the research staff to better understand the products and provide customers with professional services, the company conducts internal product training meetings. Sales, R&D, and production departments all participate in product training activities.


    From the production principle of the product to the application object, from the procurement of parts to the forefront of the industry, these are the topics of the training conference. This week, Min Yinghao's R&D engineer will give a lecture and explore the mystery of the thickness gauge on behalf of the leading research personnel. At the meeting, the research staff listened carefully and actively spoke and asked questions.

   The content of this conference: principles and standards, implementation methods, testing process and applicable fields.

Strictly abide by national production standards, Yante has independently developed two products, YT-H4 series and YT-H18 series, according to the production needs of different industries.

Design principles and standards of thickness meter

    Thickness: When the test object bears a certain pressure between two measuring surfaces, the distance between the two surfaces of the test object, and the result is expressed in millimeters or microns. The resolution of the paper thickness gauge is 0.01mm or 0.001mm, and the indication error is 0.5%; the resolution of the toilet paper thickness gauge is 0.001mm, and the indication error is 0.5%; the corrugated paper thickness gauge has an graduation of 0.01mm, and the indication error is 0.5%.

    The force of the test object is different, and the deformation is different. Therefore, when we discuss the thickness of the test object, it should be the test result under the same stress environment.

    According to regulations, paper GBT451.3-2002 has a force of (100±10) kPa per unit area of 200mm²; paperboard GBT 6547-1998 has a force of (20±0.5) kPa per unit area of (10±0.2) cm²; toilet paper GBT 24328.2-2009 The force per unit area of 250px² is (2.0±0.1) kPa.

Measurement implementation

1. Determine the test area according to the national standard;

2. Calculate the weight of the weight according to the test area and the pressure between the test surface;

3. Adjust the eight screws of the base to adjust the parallelism between the test surfaces.


    Commonly used sensors are grating displacement sensors and inductive only sensors. Compared with inductive sensors, grating displacement sensors are easy to realize digitization, high precision (currently the highest resolution can reach the nanometer level), strong anti-interference ability, and reliable in use. Adent has installed a grating displacement sensor for each thickness gauge.

Test Methods

Take paper and cardboard as examples:

1. Adjust the zero point of the instrument;

2. Put the sample between the open measuring surface;

3. Slowly move the other measuring surface to the sample at a speed lower than 3mm/s, taking care to avoid any impact;

4. After the indicated value is stable, but before the paper is "squeezed" down, the reading should be completed. The reading is usually completed within (2~5) s. Any artificial pressure on the thickness gauge should be avoided;

5. Pay attention to the descending speed of the test surface for the mechanical thickness meter.

The corrugated paper measuring speed is 2~3mm/min.

Testing speed for toilet paper and its products: 2.0±0.2mm/s

Applicable field

    It is widely used in the thickness measurement of paper, cardboard, toilet paper and other sheet materials, and corrugated cardboard. It is suitable for papermaking, packaging, scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection industries.


    After the meeting, Yante people actively implemented the spirit of the meeting in the work plan. It is the conscientious study and positive progress of Yante people that can make continuous progress and innovation.

    Hangzhou Yante Science And Technology Co.,Ltd.. is a high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of various intelligent testing instruments and automatic control equipment in the packaging, paper, printing, textile, cigarette, electromechanical, chemical and other industries. The company has 15 computer software copyright patents, 4 invention patents and utility model patents. It has a CMC measuring instrument manufacturing license and operates in accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system. It is a new domestic professional testing instrument supplier with a strong sense of pioneering and innovation.


    We are dedicated to independent innovation in the field of testing instruments and meters. We develop and produce special testing instruments with advanced technology, high quality and low price. The main products are whiteness meter, colorimeter, compression testing machine, horizontal (vertical) paper Computer tensile tester, smoothness tester and box compression tester are used in papermaking, packaging, chemical, printing and other industries.

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