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The future development trend of my country's corrugated boxes

    My country's corrugated carton industry has achieved rapid development in recent years. Compared with major countries in the world, although my country's corrugated carton industry started late, it has grown very rapidly.


    As early as 2003, my country surpassed Japan to become the world's second largest producer of corrugated boxes, second only to the United States. In 2016, the national output of corrugated boxes was 40.28 million tons. Judging from the output in recent years, the output of corrugated boxes in my country has stabilized at more than 40 million tons in the three years from 2014 to 2016. Although there was a slight decrease in 2016 compared with 2015, the overall output is still at a high level.


    There is a large room for growth in my country's corrugated box industry. According to statistics, my country's per capita consumption of corrugated cardboard is only 40 square meters per year, which is much lower than that of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, and there is still much room for improvement in the future. my country's per capita consumption is less than half of that of the United States and Japan. The future prospects for the market are broad.

1. The concentration of the corrugated box industry will further increase

    At present, the total market share of my country's top ten corrugated carton companies is less than 10%, while the top five corrugated carton companies in the United States account for more than 70% of the domestic market.


    The low concentration of my country's corrugated carton industry. With the consumption upgrade trend of downstream terminal industries, downstream enterprises will gradually increase their requirements for corrugated carton product quality, excellent printing content, delivery time, and supporting services. Only low-speed, low-quality, Small and medium-sized carton factories with narrow-width tile line equipment and backward printing and back-end equipment will find it difficult to adapt to the development trend. At the same time, the increasing environmental protection costs year by year will gradually increase the industry threshold. Corrugated carton companies with capital and technical strength will gradually occupy a leading position in the market, while companies that cannot survive in the shrinking industry profit space will face elimination. In the next period of time, my country's corrugated box industry will increase the concentration of the industry through the elimination of backward production capacity, mergers and acquisitions and reorganization, and enter the stage of large-scale and group development.


2. Leading companies deploy production bases across regions and locations

    Due to the low unit price of corrugated boxes, they are more sensitive to transportation costs. The transportation radius of cartons is generally within 300 kilometers. Therefore, extensively setting up production bases to meet local needs is the main way for corrugated box companies to achieve capacity expansion. When selecting packaging suppliers, leading companies in downstream industries such as home appliances often require packaging needs covering their multiple production bases. Corrugated carton companies with a wide range of layouts have a huge advantage when fighting for such high-quality customers. By deploying production bases at multiple locations across the country, corrugated box companies can respond to downstream customer packaging needs in a timely manner, expand production scale, and increase market share. At present, the leading enterprises in the corrugated box industry have begun to deploy their own national production networks through new production lines, mergers and acquisitions and other methods. Especially with the trend of inward relocation of the manufacturing industry, many leading companies have begun to invest in the central and western regions to set up factories.


3. Corrugated carton products are moving towards mid-to-high grade

    Development is accompanied by the trend of consumption upgrades. Downstream consumer product manufacturers have gradually increased their demand for external packaging. Low-weight, high-strength, and lightweight corrugated cardboard has gradually become a general requirement for high-quality downstream customers. Micro corrugated boxes have been developing rapidly in recent years. The trend of product upgrade iteration is obvious. In addition, downstream high-end customers have continuously improved their requirements for packaging and printing. In addition to functional functions such as storage and transportation, protection, moisture resistance, and pressure resistance, they have added value to the product display, brand enhancement, and consumption guidance of corrugated boxes. Demand rises. Carton products are gradually developing to mid-to-high grade, from "simple packaging" to "consumer packaging".


4. The corrugated carton enterprise transforms from a manufacturer to a packaging solution provider

    At present, most of the corrugated box enterprises in my country only play the role of the manufacturer, that is, they are responsible for the processing and production of corrugated boxes only after the customer provides the design plan, and the profit margin is small. The packaging solution provider’s business model is to actively intervene after the customer has completed the research and development of a new product, and provide customers with the most suitable new product packaging solution, covering design, optimization, testing, production, inventory management, Just In Time (JIT) distribution, after-sales service and other whole processes, provide "one-stop service". This model makes packaging design, inventory management, and JIT distribution become value-added services provided by corrugated box companies, and become new profit growth points. The international packaging giant, International Paper, has long been transformed from a manufacturer of packaging products to a provider of packaging solutions. Leading enterprises in my country's corrugated box industry are also beginning to move closer to this aspect, providing new ideas for the development of the corrugated box industry.



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