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How to measure the whiteness of powder

    YT-ACM automatic colorimeter is the first new instrument in the industry developed by the company to automatically measure all color and whiteness parameters. It is widely used in paper making, printing, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, building materials, chemicals, food, salt production and other industries and other production and commodity inspection departments that need to determine the color and whiteness of objects.


 Application Range

v Paper, cardboard, plastic, pulp

v Powder for salt, industrial salt, starch, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc.

v Chemical pulp, cotton, chemical fiber, textiles

v Food, ceramics, enamel, building materials


Application Function

X Measure the color of the object

X Measuring CIE whiteness (Gantz visual whiteness) W10 and color cast value Tw10

X Measure ISO whiteness (R457 blue lightness) and Z whiteness (Rz)

X Measure the fluorescence whitening produced by the emission of fluorescent substances (the sample contains fluorescent whitening)

X Measure the whiteness of building materials and non-metallic mineral products WJ

X Measure Hunter Whiteness WH

X Measure the whiteness and color of the fiber (supporting fiber sampler)

X Measure the whiteness of the powder, Lab and color difference

X Measure yellowness YI, opacity OP, light scattering coefficient S, light absorption coefficient A, transparency, ink absorption value


Test Methods:

1. Sampling, put the powder in the powder sampler, and press it with glass after filling. It is required to form a flat surface without pits, so that the test result is accurate and stable.

2. Put it on the test port of the whiteness meter and press the test button to display the whiteness of the powder

Product Features

Ø The advanced electromechanical integration design eliminates the original manual turning handwheel, which solves the tedious test (it must be rotated 4 times to test the whiteness and chromaticity),and solved the positioning error of the hand wheel rotation,realize one-click test whiteness and chromaticity

Ø The motherboard adopts the latest technology and new design. The CPU adopts 32-bit ARM processor, which improves the processing speed of the instrument and makes the calculation data more accurate and fast.

Ø Using 5-inch TFT true color color LCD touch screen display, the operation is more user-friendly, new users can also master the use method within 1 minute.

Ø Increase data cache for users to back up, view, and compare historical data

Ø The reference can be either physical or data. The instrument can store up to ten reference information

Ø The instrument has a memory function, even if the power is turned off for a long time, the useful information such as zero adjustment of the memory, calibration, standard sample and reference sample will not be lost.


Key Technical Parameters

² Power Supply                   AC (100~240) V (50/60) Hz 50W

² Working Environment              (10~35)℃,Humidity≤85%

² Sample Size                         Test plate diameter should not be less than 30mmwhile sample thickness should not exceed 40mm

² Indication Accuracy                Hromaticity coordinate≤0.0001

 others are 0.01 

² Data’s  Stability               30 minutes after preheating,within ±5℃ temperature range, ≤ 0.1

² Repeatability Accuracy        Rx、Ry、Rz≤0.03,chromaticity coordinate≤0.003,R457≤0.03

² Specular Reflectance Accuracy   ≤0.1

² Print                              Built-in thermal printer 

² Communication Interface         RS232

² Dimension                   380(L)×260(W)×410(H) mm

² Net Weight        12.5kg


Standard configuration:

1. Automatic colorimeter host

2. Black tube

3. Whiteboard (1#, 2#)

4. Bulb

5. Printing paper

6. Power cord



1、GB/T 7973 ,GB/T 7974,GB/T 7975,GB/T 2679.1,GB/T 1543,GB/T 10339,GB/T 12911

2、GB/T 22880,GB/T 24288,GB/T 3979,GB/T 2913,GB/T 13025.2,GB/T 5950,GB/T 8424.1

3、GB/T 8424.2,GB/T 8424.3,GB/T 9338,GB/T 9984,GB/T 13173,GB/T 13835.7,GB/T 4739

4、GB/T 6688,GB/T 11186,GB/T 11942,GB/T 22427.6,QB/T 1503,QB/T 2789

5、ISO 2469,ISO 2470,ISO 2471,ISO 9416,ISO 11475 


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    We are dedicated to independent innovation in the field of testing instruments and meters. We develop and produce special testing instruments with advanced technology, high quality and low price. The main products are whiteness meter, colorimeter, compression testing machine, horizontal (vertical) paper Computer tensile tester, smoothness tester and box compression tester are used in papermaking, packaging, chemical, printing and other industries.

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