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Employee birthday party | Enjoy good time together!

    There is a kind of corporate care, moisturizing things silently, always quietly immersing in the heart, it must be a special fate to go all the way.On November 3, Yante ushered in the birthday party for employees in November. The company arranged a birthday party. Everyone released their love with joy and thanked the company for enjoying their own happy time with laughter.


    The company customized birthday cakes for the birthday stars. Everyone lit birthday candles in the warm melody of "Happy Birthday", made their birthday wishes, tasted the sweetness of the cake, talked freely about work and life, and shared their life experience and work experience. , To experience the warmth of a large research family.

    Every effort and every detail reflects the warm care of Yante for its employees, and also shows the warmth and tolerance of Yante's big family. There is laughter, touch, surprise, and harvest. Every wonderful moment is enough to make people remember deeply, and every warm moment is enough to make people collect fine products!

    Celebrate birthdays for employees. This is just a small move, but the company's care for its employees will definitely play a positive role in mobilizing employees' enthusiasm for love and dedication. It embodies the life value of employees, improves their cohesion and centripetal force, and enhances their enthusiasm for work. This is also a measure to promote company culture and implement humanized management.


Group photo for birthday party in November

    At work, an encouraging look makes us feel warm; in life, a heartfelt concern makes us happy. A simple happy birthday today brings together the warmest blessings from all Yante people. Here is a record of every unforgettable moment we are together.

    In these beautiful years of struggle, you and I will get together and spend an unforgettable birthday party together, which is worth cherishing each other in our hearts.


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