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Yante organized all employees to visit the Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park in Deqing

    The wind is beautiful and the sun is warm, colleagues had a day trip to Deqing. On November 25, 2021, the . Saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, there is no pressure from work, all around us are laughter that reflects the close team spirit of colleagues. This trip received a blessing from the weather, and of course it also added more joy to the whole journey.

In the morning, our team came to Deqing Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park. There are 3 islands in Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park, and each island is by boat. A little sparkling, a small boat, Xiazhu Lake in Huzhou City, with the calm water surface and slightly undulating reeds, rippling with a different kind of gentleness in winter.


We paced down the wooden stairs, boarded the slightly swaying boat, and sat down in twos and threes. A boat is not big or small. The bow turned, and the water wave stunned and rippled. As the boat reached the widest part of the water, gusts of wind blew through the depths of the reeds, rushing towards the face with the reed flowers.



On the first island, I got off the boat and boarded the tall observation pavilion. You can have a panoramic view of the turned wooden bridge, lush reeds, and the water of the lake. Passing by "Mother-in-law Chaliao", listen to the stories of mother-in-law and son-in-law.


Stop and go, leaning on the wooden bridge to rest when you’re tired, let the oncoming wind blow the hair on your forehead; or find a quiet place to appreciate the peaceful beauty of the island, which is settling down The ancient charm of the water village and the rustic simplicity of the country order a cup of "mother-in-law" tea, which blends with the peaceful temperament of the small town.


Came to the ferry terminal and rushed to the next island-Guju Island. Hearing from the tour guide, the most famous heron in Xiazhu Lake is the crested ibis. According to textual research, this bird has only one partner in its life, and it can be described as the most loyal bird. With the expectation of the beautiful scenery of the island and the longing for the love of the crested ibis, we got off the boat and set foot deeper.


The cymbal is pale, and the white dew is frost. As early as thousands of years ago, the ancients gave reeds a different romance. This seemingly bleak plant seems to have a special power that can always attract people into infinite daydreams.


Half of the restrainedness of Xiazhu Lake is given by reed flowers. It is not as splendid as Chunhua, nor as delicate and beautiful as Xiahua, calm and cold, like the girl holding an oiled paper umbrella in Dai Wangshu's works, beautiful and mysterious.



The scenery of Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park is different throughout the year. The peach blossoms in March and the peach blossoms on the human face complement each other; the rape blossoms in April are colorful and golden; the lotus blossoms in June are infinitely green with lotus leaves; and the reeds in November , Snow is flying all over the sky. There is idyllic scenery and wild fun here.


Group photo


After visiting the Xiazhu Lake Wetland Park, taste the Deqing special lunch.

This play enriched the cultural and entertainment life of employees, enhanced their physical health, enhanced communication among employees, mobilized employees' enthusiasm for work, and enhanced company cohesion and teamwork spirit.








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