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Effective ways to reduce the production cost of corrugated boxes

    Cost is one of the most concerned issues for many carton companies. While ensuring quality, minimizing production costs can help companies gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition. Improving and ensuring the quality of corrugated boxes and reducing costs can start from the following aspects.

    The first is to rationally select base paper of good quality and low weight. Production practice shows that whether it is to produce export cartons or domestic cartons, the raw materials used (boxboard and corrugated base paper) account for more than 60% of the entire carton production cost. Therefore, according to the quality requirements of the cartons produced, the selection of appropriate raw materials is directly related to the quality of the cartons and the economic benefits of the enterprise. Compressive strength is the best measure of actual carton performance, and it is the primary index for carton manufacturers and carton users to assess their quality. From the relevant theories and calculation formulas, it can be known that after the thickness of the corrugated board is selected and the corrugated type and carton size are determined, the carton compressive strength (BCT) depends entirely on the edge compressive strength (EOT) of the corrugated board, and The edge compressive strength of corrugated cardboard depends on the ring compressive strength (RCT) of the raw material, especially the ring compressive strength of corrugated core paper, because the corrugated core paper plays a role in supporting the carton.



    Therefore, to improve the edge pressure strength of corrugated cardboard, in addition to choosing the corrugated type and corrugated head of the corrugated cardboard, the grade and weight of the raw materials should also be selected. In the past, many carton manufacturers used raw materials of lower grade or higher weight, and the corrugated cardboard produced was mostly thicker AA corrugated and relatively backward CC corrugated and UU-shaped wave peaks. The view is cumbersome and unsightly. 70% of export cartons use double-corrugated cardboard, while most foreign or domestic tertiary enterprises use high-grade and low-weight raw materials. The corrugated cardboard produced by its physical properties such as edge pressure strength can fully meet the requirements of making export cartons. If low-grade and high-weight corrugated cardboard is used to make cartons, in order to ensure the physical properties of the cartons, the weight of the corrugated cardboard must be increased, which consumes a lot of raw materials and leads to increased costs.

    The following points should be paid attention to when selecting and matching carton materials: First, avoid using low-grade raw materials. If carton companies select low-grade raw materials to make corrugated cardboard, they will inevitably encounter quality unstable factors such as the inconsistency of the tightness and tension on both sides of the same width of the raw materials, the uneven thickness and weight of the same width, and the inconsistent moisture content of the same web. The ring compressive strength of the raw material is unstable, thereby reducing the corrugated cardboard edge compressive strength and carton compressive strength. Therefore, especially the combination of export carton materials should avoid the use of low-grade raw materials.


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    The second is to use low-weight raw materials. In addition to higher quality than domestic raw materials, imported raw materials also have a great advantage, that is, the raw material weight is low, generally 175~300G/m2 for boxboard and 105~127G/m2 for corrugated base paper.

    The third is to select domestic corrugated paper with different characteristics. The raw materials for domestic corrugated base paper are generally wheat straw pulp raw materials in the north. Its paper characteristics are compressive strength, but the paper is brittle and has poor tensile strength; while in the South, waste paper pulp is the main material, and its paper characteristics are tensile strength. Strong ability, but the paper quality is softer, and the ability to withstand pressure is poor. When making AB corrugated double corrugated paperboard, the influence on the edge pressure strength of corrugated paperboard is that A corrugated corrugated core paper is greater than B corrugated corrugated core paper. Therefore, A corrugated corrugated core paper that is close to the inner paper should be selected. Northern paper with higher ring compressive strength, and B-flute corrugated core paper close to face paper can be Northern paper or Southern paper.

    Using high-quality, high-strength, and low-weight raw materials in the carton production process is an effective way to improve carton quality and reduce costs. "Lightweight facial paper and heavyweight core paper" is a common practice in the foreign carton industry at present, and it is an effective way to reduce production costs and improve product quality.

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