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  • Printing Testing Equipment
  • Hygiene Products Testing Equipment
  • Non-woven Fabric Testing Equipment
  • Film Testing Equipment
  • Powder Testing Equipment
  • Cutters and Accessories


Zhejiang Yante Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yante Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and it is mainly dealing with the R & D, manufacturing and marketing of various intelligent instrumentation used in packing, paper-making, printing, textile, cigarette, electromechanical and other industries. In addition, we act as an agent of some advanced testing devices from abroad. Relying on our team made up of top technical engineers and managerial elites and the joint-stock system and thanks to our people-oriented operation and top quality management, we are advancing and pioneering constantly.

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why choose us
  • porfessional service

  • excellent quality

  • profesional technology suport

  • advanced equipment

  • 24 hours online service

  • Fast delivery

    We have a dedicated person responsible for packaging and delivery,the department coordinates smoothly,can quickly respond to customer personalized needs after receiving orders.

  • Professional Packaging

    Our testing instruments have a certain weight. We will pro-vide professional packaging solutions for our customers so that the goods can reach their destination safely.

  • Express Options

    Provide a number of interna-tional logistics companies to choose, please consult cus-tomer service for details, we will customize the profes-sional transport program for you.

  • Perfect after-sales

    The success of the transac-tion only means the begin-ning of our service for you. Yante`s products provide perfect after-sales service policy. From use to mainte-nance,please consult online customer service for specific questions.










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