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Sanitary napkin adhesive peel strength testing instrument

    Sanitary napkin adhesive is a layer of adhesive medium that connects sanitary napkins and underwear. The peel strength of sanitary napkins refers to the condition that the adhesive of sanitary napkins is firmly attached. If the peel strength of the adhesive is too large or too small, it is not conducive to use. , Should be controlled within an appropriate range, not only does not fall off easily, but also can be easily torn off when peeling off without tearing the back film. When the adhesive strength is too large, too much viscose is easy to stick to the pants and difficult to clean up, which will directly threaten women's physical hygiene. When the adhesive strength of the backing is poor, the sanitary napkin will move during use, resulting in leakage detection and affecting the performance of the sanitary napkin. Therefore, it is very important to reasonably control the peel strength of sanitary napkin adhesive.



    The adhesive peel strength tester is a new type of instrument researched and developed by Hangzhou Yante in accordance with the requirements of the latest national standards. It is mainly used to measure the adhesive peel strength of sanitary napkins and pads.


Application scope:

Determination of the peel strength of sanitary napkins.


Product Features:

Measure the peel strength of the back adhesive of sanitary napkins and pads.


Product Features

1. The transmission mechanism adopts a ball screw and a guide shaft, and the transmission is stable and accurate.

2. Using stepping motor, low noise and precise control.

3. Adopt 5-inch TFT true color color LCD touch screen, Chinese menu. During the test, real-time display of stretching time, load tension, etc.; display of stretching curve.

4. The main board adopts the latest technology and a new design. The CPU adopts a 32-bit ARM processor, which improves the processing speed of the instrument, calculates the data more accurately and quickly, and ensures the real-time performance of the measurement data.

5. It has the characteristics of automatic reset, data memory, overload protection and fault self-diagnosis.

6. Variable sample size and tensile speed: For commonly used standard size samples, the tensile test can be carried out directly at the specified speed, and the appropriate tensile speed can be set as the situation requires, and the test length and width of the sample can be changed .

7. The measuring range is wide, and the measuring range of the instrument (0-30N/0-100N/0-300N) can be changed according to the needs of users and configured with different dynamometers. It can be widely used in various paper, toilet paper, plastic film and others Material tensile test determination.

8. The use of thermal printer core, no need to use ink and ribbon, no noise during work, fast printing speed, etc.

9. This instrument is equipped with a standard RS232 interface, which can communicate with computer software.

Key Technical Parameters

Power supply voltage: AC(100~240)V, (50/60)Hz

Working environment: temperature (10~35)℃, relative humidity ≤85%

Measuring range: (0.3~30)N

Display resolution: 0.01N

Indication error: ±1%

Working stroke: (35~300)mm (arbitrarily adjustable)

Sample width: 80mm

Stretching speed: (1~480)mm/min (can be adjusted arbitrarily)

Printing: Thermal printer

Communication interface: RS232

Dimensions: 400×300×800 mm

Net weight of the instrument: ≤35kg

Standard configuration:

1. The host of the vertical tensile tester;

2. Printing paper;

3. Power cord;

4. 80mm chuck;

5. One 500g heavy mound.


GB/T 12914,GB/T 2792,GB/T 24218.3,GB/T 1040,TAPPI  T 494,GB/T8939-2018


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